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Holy Matrimony

To enquire about booking your wedding service in one of church buildings please apply using this form

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Drawing on the teaching of the Bible, and of the Church down through the centuries,
the Church in Wales Marriage Service talks about marriage as a gift of God.


Marriage is described as the lifelong, faithful union between a man and a woman, and married love is compared with the love Jesus has for his people – a love expressed in his
willing sacrifice of himself on the cross.

We have twenty lovely buildings across the Minstry Area where wedding ceremonies may take place from small rural churches to larger town venues - each one individual and offering a special, holy place to celebrate your wedding.  Please contact us to discuss your ceremony.

The Blessing of a Marriage


The Church in Wales would love to help you celebrate the blessing of your marriage.

Many couples who have had a civil wedding, whether in the UK or abroad, also choose to dedicate their marriage to God.

A marriage blessing is usually a simple service acknowledging the commitment already made by the couple at their civil ceremony. It asks for God’s blessing upon them, and guidance for their new life together.

If you would like to have a civil marriage blessed, there are no legal preliminaries, and it is available to all, including same sex couples. Because it is not a marriage service, banns are not required, and there is no legal paperwork or registers to be signed.

A marriage blessing can be designed to have a similar feel to a wedding with hymns and songs, readings, flowers and even bells if they are available. Some people prefer their blessing to feel like a traditional wedding, others prefer a more low-key service.

To find out more, please contact your local church or vicar, who will be delighted to chat to you about what’s involved and discuss what your wedding blessing could look like.

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