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Advent Message from the Clergy Team

Our Advent Message;

Good King Wenceslas looked out

On the Feast of Stephen,

When the snow lay round about,

Deep and crisp and even.

Brightly shone the moon that night,

Though the frost was cruel,

When a poor man came in sight,

Gathering winter fuel.

As we gather in the warmth of our church family this Advent & Christmas season, let our hearts be filled with gratitude and reflection. This time of year, we remember the legendary act of charity by King Wenceslas, a reminder that the spirit of giving has deep roots in our shared history.

In the midst of our own hearths and homes, let us not forget those for whom shelter, warmth, and light are not guaranteed. The Greek word 'estia,' connecting hearth to the goddess of home, echoes the sanctity of our own homes and the call to extend that sanctuary to others.

Christmas is a time to reflect on the birth of Jesus, a profound symbol of God's love and the promise of a home with Him. Just as Wenceslas embraced sacrificial generosity, let us play our part in creating a welcoming and inclusive community, ensuring that all may find a sense of home.

May this Christmas be a time of peace, joy, and hospitality for each of you, with prayers from our homes to yours.

Revd Sally, Sue, Sarah & Bill

For emergency pastoral needs over the Christmas and New Year period, please contact:

Boxing Day-Saturday 30th December

All areas

Revd. Sally Inge-Gillis

M: 07813 264 429


Sunday 31st December

All Clergy available

New Year’s Day -Saturday 6 th January

Goetre Fawr & Usk Areas

Revd. Sue Davies-Fletcher

M: 07340 172 445


Raglan Area

Revd. Sarah Rosser

M: 07939 1342 212


1 Dec 2023

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