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The Right Reverend Cherry Vann

Bishop of Monmouth

Phone: 016 3326 3510



The Reverend
Kevin Hasler

Rector, Ministry Area Leader and Rural Dean

Phone: 078 3679 5753


Meet The Team

Sue DF.jpg

The Reverend
Sue Davies-Fletcher

Jan Millett.png

Mrs Jan Millett

Rector's Warden


The Reverend
Sally Ingle-Gillis

Kay Spencer.png

Mrs Kay Spencer

Lay Chair of the Ministry Area Council

Sarah Rosser.jpg

The Reverend
Sarah Rosser

Neville Crump.png

Mr Neville Crump

People's Warden

arriving soon

Phone: 078 1326 4429


Phone: 077 9143 3525


Team Vicar

Team Vicar

Team Curate

Other members of the Ministry Area Council

Sandy Blair (Treasurer), Clare Bradly (Secretary), Sarah Byford,
Robert Evans (Property Lead), Scilla Greenland (Safeguarding Lead),
Gerry Hawkins, Sue Russell, Peter Foden, Sarah Phillips and Mark Durbin.

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