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The Reverend Sally Ingle-Gillis

Ministry Area Leader

Phone: 07813264429


Welcome to the website for all the church communities in the heart of Monmouthshire. As Ministry Area Leader, I am responsible for ensuring that we share the good news of God’s love for us all, across the whole area, supported by colleagues who take specific responsibilities for some geographical areas, as well as specific aspects of ministry. 


When I was ordained I had a strong sense that I should always remember how weird church can seem to those who don’t come to services very often, and how important it is to offer a warm, inclusive welcome. We recognise that we are important to those who worship with us week by week, but are also an important part of the lives of those who choose to marry, be baptised, or need us for the funerals of their loved ones. Whatever your reason for coming here today, we hope you find what you need. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch. We have a team of pastoral visitors in addition to being able to plan and celebrate your life events, and and I love that the Church in Wales now allows us to bless same sex relationships as well as  all the other life events we are able to share. 


Is this the part of the bio when I mention my husband, six children, two cats, and a tortoise? Yes, I think it is!

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The Reverend Sue Davies-Fletcher

Team Vicar

Phone: 07340172445


Sue joined our team in July 2023 as Vicar. She ministers across the area of 20 churches and has a particular responsibility for pastoral care and supporting the churches in Coed-y-Paen, Glascoed, Mamhilad, Monkswood, Goetre, and Llanover.

Sue felt a call to ordained ministry whilst she was a teenager and after a career in Education and time at home with her family, she began her journey to ordination which has now led her from The Church of England to The Church in Wales.


She loves mugs of tea, swimming, and exploring new ways to be creative in her ministry.

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The Reverend Sarah Rosser

Team Curate

Phone: 07939134212


I live in Raglan with my husband Glyn, along with our cat and dog, with whom you will often see me out and about. It is a privilege to spend my time working around the area and I enjoy every aspect from schools work to attending ladies groups, and everything in between.

I grew up in South Somerset and moved to Wales at the age of 18 to study law at university. I then lived and worked practising employment law in Cardiff for a number of years.


I came to faith in my 20’s and in my early thirties I was encouraged to explore a call to the priesthood. As part of this discernment, I went to work in the Diocesan Office in Newport, before training at St Padarn’s for two years.

When I am not in church I can be found in my garden tending to my vegetable patch or watching a variety of crime dramas.  

Bill Savage.png
Bill Savage

Team Deacon

Phone: 07818498602


I am married to Lyn, a farmer’s daughter, who has been such a support
to me in my training over the last years. We have lots of grandchildren,
dogs, cats, chickens and bees that keep us busy.

I was ordained as a self-supporting, part time, deacon in June and I am
so happy to be rejoining the group of churches that I have been largely
worshipping in for the last twenty plus years.

I am looking forward to discovering those churches that will be new to
me and to discovering what God has planned for my Ministry in serving
the communities in the area.

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Jan Millett.png

Mrs Jan Millett

Rector's Warden

Other Team Members

Kay Spencer.png

Mrs Kay Spencer

Lay Chair of the Ministry Area Council

Neville Crump.png

Mr Neville Crump

People's Warden

Other members of the Ministry Area Council

Sandy Blair (Treasurer), Clare Bradly (Secretary), Sarah Byford,
Robert Evans (Property Lead), Scilla Greenland (Safeguarding Lead),
Gerry Hawkins, Sue Russell, Peter Foden, Sarah Phillips and Mark Durbin.

Bishop of Monmouth

Phone: 016 3326 3510


The Right Reverend Cherry Vann
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